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The inventor of the paintings

and compared with other forms of art, oil painting is still relatively new. Oil painting is the use of oil in pigments for paints. Oil paintings date from the 1400s. Before oil paint, and paint was mixed with plaster in the wall paintings or eggs at a temperature of paints. And signed the invention of oil paints because of the desire for a new realism in art. Jan van Eyck is the man credited with inventing oil painting.

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desire to look more realistic than the art began in Europe in the fifteenth century earlier. Previously, art was a legendary and very decorative, but with the beginning of the Renaissance, artists began to understand the concepts and ideas behind the laws of perspective and colors. Accordingly, more artists began to paint images more realistic. The Jan van Eyck a desire to imitate nature in her paintings. To achieve his goal, and drawing all the details on this topic could have been. Van Eyck attention to detail allows his paintings seem alive. Unfortunately for the painting patterns can be van Eyck and supplies does not help to achieve its goal of total realism. As a solution to his problem, Van Eyck created oil paintings.

Before van Eyck, not painters of the Renaissance do not buy the colors that are already made. Painters themselves had to make the colors of the earth pigments found in plants and minerals that were combined with a binder to form a paste. This was the type of paint called painting temperature. The problem with the temperature of the paint is that it dries very quickly, and makes it virtually impossible to have a smooth transition in the drawing. Van Eyck wanted to create realism by shading, and gouache do not fit their needs. Instead of eggs found in the tempera paint, van Eyck decided to use oil as a lot of work more accurately and more slowly. Binder and the presence of oil allows the painter to make the bright colors that can be applied in several layers (also known as glazes).
With a small brush, and Van Eck also able to create with great detail in his paintings. Was impressed by the work van Eyck to many people, including other artists. Soon, has been used many of the artists in drawing, oil blends and painting and became a very popular form of art. Changed colors of oil since the time of van Eyck, but the principles remain the same. Can be an oil painting of the artist create a more detailed settings by shading and create images more realistic. I have changed the contribution of van Eyck art forever.
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Paints oil soluble – Facts and advice and what I can use

We have all heard that “oil and water do not mix. However, they are making the rules to be broken in the paintings of art and is soluble in water from the rebels on the scene. but your mind is probably even thinking smart, The answer is: “How can dye oil soluble in water?”: Modified oil vehicle to make it soluble in water, which eliminates the need for solvents, hazardous turpentine or other to mitigate the paint and brushes clean and other supplies. There are still some purists who are painting the question whether these dyes oils, true, but I assure you they

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are, in fact, I was running successfully for my paintings using oils that are soluble in water with the technical results for more than 10 years. j ‘were made of a smooth transition of oil acrylic in my studio a new home for my family and animals to toxic fumes. an open mind and a bit of time experimenting, you can also enjoy the benefits of oils are soluble in water. below, I will do my best to inform you of this exquisite painting of my personal experience with a little help from the book technical information “, paint melting oil in the area of “Water, dye Sean. Facts:oil paintings for sale
water and oil soluble smell good, just like traditional oils! The linseed oil
in both new and traditional oils.
oils oils soluble in water is real. It is miscible with water, not water based.
has developed oils new for use with water instead of turpentine, spirits, metal or other solvents! has been restructured
and traditional oils, oil soluble in water until it dries by oxidation – Absorption of oxygen in the air. dry once, they are like any oil painting other, and should be treated like and traditional oils, can be to draw a water-soluble oil can not be activated with water in the dry state. has developed
new ways to mix water oil soluble in water:. means a quick dry (U.S.), oil-holders position, paint and medium impasto, linseed oil means you can add
alkyd oil paints traditional means of small amounts of new oil up to 20% -30% while maintaining the solubility in water. You can add small amounts of oil to the traditional colors of these new motherboards on the color or consistency.
new dye mixture and mix well.
when oils are mixed with new water, and can sometimes appear cloudy to some extent until the water evaporates. Although I read this complaint, there was no experience with these oils.
and fast drying racks to allow for mixing a lot of time but still more painting easier and faster.
bright, transparent and can be made using the methods of mixing water. rich shadows and vague easily accessible.
East linseed oil water miscible makes new oil more transparent.
brush full of traditional oils spread much further than a brush loaded with oils soluble in water. This does not affect the appearance of the finished part, the process of actual drawing.
Plates soluble in water fresh, bright colors and strong. It is easier to avoid the color “mud”.
and new oils are easier to clean.
those who have little or no experience with traditional oils to adapt to the water and oil soluble quickly greater.
according to the thickness of paint you, and oil soluble in water maintains flexibility and handling for up to 48 hours
. the absence of new oils for traditional oils bright, but the final varnish is a quick way for the production of conventional oil brightness
careful when drying oil your new or newly painted in traditional oil paintings. avoid dark or wet to prevent darkening or yellowing that is caused by linseed oil .
paints oil soluble in water, are ideal for travel, especially on board the aircraft. many of the conventional airlines and restrict the Solvents flammable on commercial flights. eliminating the need for solvents of aggression makes the oils are soluble in water, easy to pack the paint on the site, whether by plane, car or on horseback.
outdoors can keep a painter drawing on the board for long periods of time without the paint dry. However, completion of the paints dry more quickly than traditional oil paintings make these new motherboards even more desirable for this artist in the open air.
last summer, you are oils soluble in water in the open air in my studio painting in France. Put on a sheet of cloth that made my light-Provence and portable for travel . In the past I also used paper Watercolour £ 300 with two coats of gesso. should be used gesso
acrylic as a base for paints Earth soluble in water to ensure good adhesion. to work in the studio, and I prefer to paint on panels or panels Masonite for a smooth surface and rigid, but I canvas and paper at a time.
bristles are good for less than paintings, but do not let them stand in water or becoming mushy. I often use brushes artificial wider areas. to function correctly brushes water artificial works well.
oils new soluble in water remains after use of these materials is selected. He said I found it best not to mix with the surrounding water because water makes use of the means of drawing-and-paste does not flow easily. When I start adding the medium of oil, and usually give the water, except for brush cleaning between color changes or temperature.
a few drops of linseed oil on board to restore the paintings in their original form viable.
must be applied by all types of oil paint more than fat lean to avoid cracking.
use water to dilute the oils for the installation of new washing process. promote fatty layers after the paint dries on the title. and will remain new oils soluble in water after the water and the use of specific methods miscible.
As is the case with standard oils, can provide new paintings in many thin layers of soft, well-known painting or indirect can be applied thickly wetlands or unique called went directly to the paint or anything else between the two countries.
time and drying is when you no longer uses a lot of pigment, white, yellow, Naples.
and dark corridors in the oils are soluble in water, sometimes “sink” and the lack of luster of the plate in conventional oil. be resolved so easily by the varnish final.
I prefer the colors of oil by the artists Grumbacher Max Water and oil mixable literal by Windsor and Newton. the characteristics of these signs consistent with the traditional colors of oil counterparts. use all pigments in traditional lines, including cadmium and cobalt. delivery of these beautiful plates, and bright and rich glaze, opaque and transparent passages mysterious in my work. Holbein
Aqua bilateral oil has to some extent, consistency company which makes them ideal for painting with a knife directly from the tube. Van H2Oil Ghosh has a softer consistency, which is similar to acrylic paint. They are ideal for the work of precision, without the need for additional means. However, the work of the Panel, a knife, it is recommended medium impasto
rubbing alcohol and a razor blade to maintain a sheet of glass my cool for the next session of painting.
and I hope you now have better understanding and appreciation of the benefits of oil-soluble in the water. it is easier and less intimidating to use and deliver the results the beautiful traditional oils. I encourage you to try and let me know how it works for you.

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Advantages of oil paintings and drawing

The painting artists oil paintings by hundreds of years. In fact, it was viewed from the early 13th century England, where he used oil paints for simple decoration. In the early years, however, many artists preferred to use paints and called instead on the temperature using oil paints because she was able to dry faster than oil paint. Century 15, was inspired by Flemish artists to paint the oil mixture and temperature. However, it took until the 17 century that pure oil paints became a more middle-art as usual.

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dry oil slowly than other forms of paint because they are made of small particles of pigments that are balanced oil drying. While some artists may find this slow drying quality troublesome, most artists believe oil paints to be the desired type of media art that should be taught to all students of the art. This is partly because of the oil painting reproduction of many of which have been developed using oil paints. There are many advantages to using oil paints, and regardless of quality is strong. It may also be an oil paintings for sale to leave the door open for a long time. In fact, can be painted oil regularly can leave the door open in the air for several weeks without drying. This feature allows the artist to work on the painting on the different courses without the fear of the paint drying too soon. Of course, can appear to attribute this as a disadvantage by some artists, because it takes several weeks to complete the project and the slow drying process may be difficult to move to the next phase of the project. F. paintings

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Aspects of oil painting on canvas

The oil on canvas painting around for several centuries. Which is a method where the image is drawn directly on the canvas, then painted with oil based colors. Usually paints with linseed oil and its base, but safflower oil is another type of joint oil and included instead. The following aspects to concentrate on painting with oil paints

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priming the canvas.

Once stretched canvas, you must be prepared before it can be applied painting with oil paint. It’s a relatively easy process and requires the purchase of Acrylic Gesso. If it has been purchased before the fabric capacity, has already been processed. It’s a good idea to check when buying a canvas. There was the time spent in this step if it is not necessary. There is no doubt shake the container before it is applied on the cloth. A layer leaving much more of the raw number of layers. Gesso dries quickly. Make sure the first coat dry before adding another

more fat than lean:.

This term refers to the amount of oil in each layer of paint. It is important to follow this concept to remove the paint from cracking when it dries. Some paintings take a few days to dry while it takes a few weeks. This variable with the passage of time also depends on the level of oil in the paint. Oil Painting lean less oil and dry faster than oil paint fat. Thus used, the term lean more fat to remind the artist to apply the paint with more oil on the lower one. More layers of paint, and must be more oil to be found in each additional layer

solvents and resins:.
The solvent for coating resin during the cleaning solution and also be added to modify the way the oil paints. These solvents evaporate with the passage of time and very flammable. Include solvents, turpentine and common, and mineral, and citrus fruits based on the weight, the means of maliciousness. Turpentine is a solvent is the most common and rapid evaporation rate. Mineral Spirits is not the proportion of medium from evaporating as easily absorbed through the skin, can also be purchased in the form of odorless

while citrus-based solvents did not attack. The smell that the two forms of the former solvent, it still produces toxic fumes. There are citrus-based solvents are made from citrus oil quality of the food. Also be integrated with one another solvent which is flammable, non-toxic, which is much better for the person who uses it. Means alkyd great for speeding up the time most of the drying oil paintings
drying oils:
different oils for different time in the drying paint based on oil, as well as add an effect yellowing of the painting. Flaxseed oil comes from flax, and dry completely, and can be used with all colors. Oil reserves and take longer to dry than linseed oil, but it provides the completion of the smooth and represent the enamel. Poppy seed oil is very pail and is often used with light colors and white, due to less yellowing occurs when dry. It takes 5-7 days to dry, which is longer than it takes to linseed oil paintings for sale.

safflower oil has similar properties to oil and poppy seeds, but dries faster. Walnut oil is very thin and are often used to make paints a more flexible use. Each artist has a preference for the type of oils used in paint oil on canvas.
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Oil Painting Knowledge – the basic steps for beginners

oil paint dry very slowly, unlike acrylic paint dries very quickly. Acrylic painting originally created as a means layers of oil painting.
It is very stable base for acrylic paint oil and then place them. He added linseed oil to paint the oil will extend the color, increase productivity and increase the ability to maneuver. He said the oil painting with the average so-called long-used oil painting directly from the tube is called a short and sharp. Put You’re your paintings in oil on wooden paddle made the best platforms of wood called pear. It is very important to understand the paintings and your knowledge of what colors are:

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transparent (see through) the semi-opaque (see a little through) and opaque (not see through) only in oil paint on the brush well, up to three shots always end your brushstroke on the canvas.
Make sure you use flax oil when you paint with rain on the wet method or process. Not can be confused with all the media and many others. Expect to find those of you more experienced. If you can actually paint business, and certainly go ahead and buy them. You will notice immediately be completely different from the students painting. always buy the best brushes you can afford. Da Vinci Brushes brand is the best professional brushes. Buy bushes long sleeves. This technique is to stand near the end of the handle. When the development of talent from one point to consider is the ability to take risks. Just playing with your paint, but first understand that the painting was pregnant and make sure to step back from your table at all times. Did not put your brushes in turpentine expensive when you work in one session. Go ahead and wipe with a paper towel or cloth to wash your brushes with turpentine or similar solvent at the end of the session and then be sure to wash immediately with soap and water. Preparation of the fabric of the foundation of your room It is absolutely necessary that you put on first or underlayer of washing your cloth. This eliminates the glare from white (which will be reflected on you, very boring), and more layers of paint on your canvas you can get the best and most professional of your painting, and brighter than painting the ants over the paint will sing with color and texture. Traditionally painted ground color yellowish brown or burnt umber raw, raw Sienna and ocher on a good first sub-layer. Sometimes it can be very exciting to draw a red, bright blue or dark that the basis upon which the first and especially when you’re in the habit of putting on three or four layers and see the underlayer through your painting. Use a large wash brush to apply the acrylic sub-class first and you can use your Underpainter dries quickly and start quickly.

2. Is applied to stage paint or coating on the skinny fat

wet on wet with the stiffness of the painting, which is directly from the tube or weak of consistency with the sauce part of flaxseed oil was made by coating the basic wet on wet paint brushes and knives, your paint to do the work for you .
You definitely want to have full control of your brushes and experiment with different brushes to show marks and scratches texture they are doing. never use turpentine, but if you are working with the way the glaze. did not get your brushes in turpentine any work in your painting session. hair burning turpentine and there will inevitably be some brush left when you start to use colors. So it would be difficult to keep control of traffic or the thickness of paint. Glass technology is the process of building your table into a series of weak layers of paint. found this method of specific technical glass painting, and he called for more fat than lean

lean first coat diluted with a solvent
a second layer lean diluted to less solvent lean third layer diluted to less solvent fat layer IV directly from the tube layer of fat 5 diluted with some fat layer and the sixth and weak with more oil P / very important to follow the process exactly or layers of paint dries at different levels and break the paint. Admittedly, this method is slow and requires patience at all, but the results are amazing tonal values which are essential in the drawing. This method gives you full control of the framework to create shades of acrylic paint. Here, there is no mystery about the oil paintings for sale.

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Landscape oil painting

Landscape oil painting reproduction is a term that covers the depiction of natural scenery such as river、trees、clouds and especially art where the main subject is a wide view, with its elements arranged into a coherent composition.

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There are different kinds of landscape oil paintings. Some with bright colors, make you feel you are enjoying the really vivid life sceneries; some with gray color, give you different art feelings; others are with modernism, they look like cartoon pictures, more magic. Different styles have different effects.
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Oil Painting Lesson – Frequently Asked Questions for Oil Painting

oil painting is probably one of the media the most difficult to control. There are many aspects of oil painting that often confuse and intimidate the beginner. Several questions arise and this article will address some frequently asked questions that beginners and.

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What is the “more fat than lean?” more fat than lean is one of the most basic techniques of painting and when followed, reduce the risk of cracking your paint dries. Oil paintings is the “Fat” when it comes right out of the tube. If you want more, you must add more oil. For your painting “lean” and should be special blend that contains more than one as thin as turpentine. Start your painting with a mixture of “lean.” When you add more layers that make the mixture more fat. This will reduce the risk of schism. Should be I finished painting my painting? If you want to protect your painting from dust, smoke and other pollutants, you need to paint your painting. Otherwise, these contaminants based on your painting and darken at the end of the day or yellow on the surface. When you apply the varnish, and you create a layer that will protect your paint underneath. Can be cleaned and a layer of varnish and periodically eventually withdrawn. Can be applied a new coat of varnish again. Must wait 6 months to a year depending on the thickness of paint applied before polishing. Can open the painting can be difficult especially if you have any experience. You should definitely do more research on the nail before trying to do it yourself. You may even want to contact a professional. Can Can I save my paintings I do not use at a later date? There are ways to preserve what seems fresh oil paint until you’re ready to use them again even though I did not try any of these techniques. Proceed with caution. Some artists actually put plastic wrap on the paint, and freezing. You can also try to put your paint used on a piece of glass, and then keep it submerged in the water. What is the kind of support can I use with my oil painting? There are a variety of different surfaces to paint can be applied to oil. Stretched cotton canvas is one of the most popular media used by oil painters today. Linen is also used, but tends to be very expensive. Other airlines that can be used with oil paints and Masonite, and even some types of wood-based panels. What kind of paint to buy a beginner? This is a difficult question to answer, because every artist is different, and will probably have a different recommendation. A few years ago just from a different painting in oils on the market today. You “Artist Quality”, “quality student” and “economy” grades. Stay away from painting economically with larger quantities of pigment in them and actual do not cover very well and there are panels very students quality ratios in the market that work well if you’re a beginner and experimentation. Once you get your hands on a quality paint artist, but you can buy anything else. There are some brands are very popular to consider the point of view. Winsor and Newton, Grumbacher and gambling are popular choices among artists. What kind of brushes should choose a beginner? It is also a difficult question to answer exactly. Brushes come in a variety of different shapes, sizes and brands. Every artist is different and has different preferences when it comes to brushes. Ideally, you should have a variety of shapes and sizes on hand to start. Over time, and will develop a preference for certain types of brushes. Do not buy cheap brushes, and lose their hair and the fall of many of the fastest, regardless of the ‘brush with good quality. It’s a good game to launch Brush oil 11 by brush silver “, which may be interested in leaving the country. Internet search or visit your local store for more information. How do I search for ideas for my paintings Do not throw the brush in a fit of anger if you are unable to search for an idea for your picture next. There are a number of ways that you can find inspiration and ideas, and sometimes needs the mind just a break. Take a walk outside or drive long-only and control of nature. a tour to the Museum of Art with a friend and spend the day watching an example of another. Look around your home to things of everyday life and prepare for life is still Is Watch ideas. Do you have a passion for the subject of a special Do you like wildlife and nature? perhaps you’re a music lover? I love nature and wildlife, and when I’m looking for ideas for painting and my next, I often What makes the trip in the outdoors with a friend. I’ll bring a camera of course and just take pictures of everything that inspires me. and then when I go back to my studio I’ll have a piece of each image, and create my own composition of the special. I hope this article on oil paintings for sale has answered some or all of your questions. Good luck and happy painting!