Tuesday, October 30, 2012

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Exposure of the three of us, I think of many things of the past, our generation learned painting actually is not that complicated, I have become my son "look up", while some "disgusting". However, we see a child Yan Wenliang, the Liu Haisu less afraid of them, because they are shot down. Not the case today, the Head painting experience of a young man like painting, or Dean surely going to shake, because the inside of his "life" in his hands, an elder may determine the fate of the younger generation, which is I do not want to stay in school inside one of the reasons. I realized that becoming a right, but not the executive, I can hurt a lot of people. So Benji told me to come here and I think I had seen the face of a gang or classmates not seen ......
I think everyone can see what I mean, I mean painting, art matters, I was in pretty clumsy on their own also writes about art speaks evil is not good, I can adjust this relationship. This topic spread "tweets", people asked: Why do we have to do sculpture? Why should we sing? Why do we want to make a movie? ...... This is a topic of endless asked to go, I have never seen before item, contact artist in the United States usually becomes the simplest starting point - why you want to draw this painting? What do you want to express? They also sell paintings, some institutions and the situation in China is very different in the United States. They can not leave the most realistic Shangqie can maintain state.
Initially, I received this question when asked down, before I was not thinking about why oil painting, the final answer is that I like. Ok, do you like what way? I like things in the 18th and 19th centuries, and later to the United States is obsolete, when the United States has a post-modern, I met a dislocation of the situation of art in our country and the West, and wait until the new century back to China, and China IDPs. Contemporary art in China, in the West see the kind we all have: the behavior, devices, electronic, etc. A huge power structure, economic structure, the academic structure you find in this painting, he wants to talk to convince people feel interesting it becomes very difficult. Then I would put them in dialogue and two hours too low.

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