Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Cheap oil paint

Communicators: Chen Hello, I love your paintings, including early painting Tibet group, was born in 80 years, compared to all his works, more like his work on time, you can analyze your work evolving these initial feelings of job more full of it?
ChenDanQing: This should help me analyze the analysis. I am also looking for someone to help me look at the picture. The three of us immediately to go to exhibitions, media will have some brains to play, and we got a Wang Anyi, the same session, he and I, educated young age, writers. He liked to paint youth of the three of us, but the Han Xin was three, the most painful is that others say - previous works better than it is now. The conferences of thousands of people, and they will fight together, "You do not understand, drawing better than before," he said, "Painting is people looking good as they said, you have to let people basic rights. "results of Wang Anyi, said the painting above, gave the reason for this is the following: today the seventies when the educated youth that a relationship exists between you and the object is drawn, and you and to be made between objects The relationship is not the same. He also said that the evil is not the same, but he said you now and you are drawn between objects unique aesthetic feelings and sentiments. I think that speaks pretty. I see pictures of Picasso,'m still young when I paint, the more bitter, painting Montmartre became beggars, craftsmen, then not, one thing I agree with you.

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Communicators: Hello Chen variety of paints are now focused on the external form, focusing on the inner expression, such as a specific point, and some focus on the effect of abstract or figurative language of the screen, with some focusing on the inner spirit breath of the humanities, are graded on a scale?
ChenDanQing: You studied painting? The study of the theory of history? Your words are too theoretical, what kind of paint has external and internal components of what painting should consider how. The paintings from the 15th century to consider the form of painting in the 21st century must also consider how, not just a formality, it is best that you get a few, we all know that the painter as an example, which focus on the outside, focusing on the inside.
Communicators: First give an example intrinsic Master Chao Ge focus works great inside.
ChenDanQing: Yes, yes, by type, Chao Ge and tell me a major category is the figurative realism.
Communicators: Example external house paint is Sun Gang works of masters. His focus on the form, composition and operation. Do you think it is scored on a scale?
ChenDanQing: gradations in China have already been made, for example, a painter, two painters, a director, two principal. Wages, the house is not the same, and some even with the driver. However, we all know that this is very ridiculous. Of course, from the art, I think it may be qualified. Just to give an example of two landscape painters and works Chao Ge course, be used to describe, but I found I could say very poetic, his painting is very deep. I'm not a two-faced, I was ten surface to send, what kind of picture I like painting very superficial and very nice I like very simple interior painting I like, I'm all day in the pool, but the paint better be able to attract me.

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