Thursday, December 13, 2012

Oil painting reproductions

We are committed to bringing you these quality cheap oil paintings direct from China at a very competitive price.

In a common sense,the oil painting reproductions can be divided into three catogeries:figure painting,landscape painting and silent painting.

Communicators XII: I read your New York Suo Ji introduce the heart of Mr. Wood, is a painter, poet, writer, write what your reason is?
Danqing: wooden heart the child's name is Sun Pu, the original name is Sol, heart livestock. Later switched to a wooden heart, likes to read his book? Thank mention of it, why talk about it? Some people buy your book? He just died, aged 84, of December 21, 2011, was followed last fall south of the hospital to go to the funeral passed, and sent to the funeral home. Right now I have to deal with their manuscripts, leaving. You look just like people how the wooden heart!
Communicators and 13: Chen, in the process of painting no emotional interference affects his painting?
ChenDanQing: When I was young, of course to be middle-aged, he will not, "professional" in all cases, including cases of mood swings, work, go to the normal emotional state, what paint things I can do so I can do this. In this sense, I am a professional painter, when I'm painting rational. I think I'm in the middle ages, control your emotions.
Communicators and 13: I meticulously before painting, to the houses of the oil painting painting began, I feel I really learned a lot here from the beginning, people will say that my image is meticulous, gradually began painting feeling, and expect the direction of Chen for taking time from your busy schedule to guide us.
Danqing: All are meticulous classical painting, the paintings of Vermeer meticulous detail only an adjective, Persian miniature painting called Gonggongzhengzheng collectively means meticulous painting.
Da Vinci paintings can also be called meticulous, very close to his drawings and paintings of the Song Dynasty, Renaissance paintings and paintings of the Song Dynasty is very close, you want to be really able to fine paintings paint strokes as I would like to congratulate you ! My life is not going to take careful, because I have a temper, I paint very anxious ...

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