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Cheap Oil Paintings For Sale

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AC nineties: Chen, I think a lot of work is also the style of the Soviet Union.
Danqing: my own work, not the style of the Soviet Union, all the work behind Chinese painting has a frame of reference.
Asked by Nine: painting many years of development in China, if the line has become its own way?
Danqing: Swimming, painting has been a long time, but the Chinese take the initiative to go out and learn to paint, on the start of the 1910-1920 years ago. I was at the Academy of Fine Arts in 1978, and my teacher is Shangyi Hou Yimin, Hou Yimin Wu Zuoren teacher, Wu Zuoren Xu Beihong and the teacher is the teacher of the Art Institute of France, Belgium Art Institute, in that relationship. When our generation has a name: Luo Zhongli, Duoling ...... someone hold our youth and reference background and European working relationship, or school Chao Ge, Yan hair, Zeng Fanzhi, Fang Lijun, Zhang Xiaogang ... Today the art magazine opens, all kinds of art you can see in the school the school system and location, so I said to the Chinese oil painting has localization painted oil painting in China today and each Europe once again, no matter. Back to the Republic of view, but actually find time painting and Europe. Currently, young people learn that the Academy of Fine Arts, the authority of the painter and a famous painter in the circle, I do not conclude from this phenomenon. 85 sports message was a movement abroad is very limited, buy a lot of the album is out, the translation industry is also translated Western philosophy, Sagan, Heidegger, Roland Barthes, Wittgenstein. Directly outside the school learned that this person was the first school! We do so many shows now, you should make a comparative statement, for example French salon painting, please come in, with the exhibition of Xu Beihong painting red paintings Soviet era and cozy, with 1950 and 1960 Let exhibition of paintings, pop, behavior, device and foreign works of art in the exhibition, this relationship is connected, whether we are in school that no one is doing this show, this is the honest attitude. This exposure can help us tell a lot of real, solve a lot of books. China is the country very forgetful, generation does not know the hall generations not know the hall to the previous generation ..... but leave a lot of confusing the concept, the whole batch is more than the message.
AC ten: in Shanghai, learn to draw, and after jumping the queue, and then go to the Central Academy of Fine Arts school, go abroad, these steps when painting the happiest?
ChenDanQing: I admit happiest moment is around 1975 to 1980, in 1975, I was 22 and had just experienced at the location of the next hop in the queue, then my ability to draw a full build out today to see precisely the age graduated from college. Up to 80 years, drawing a group of paintings of Tibet, this time is the happiest moment of my painting. It is a state of life, is not exactly a state of the art, and has subsequently been worried or upset now. Why hate the current education system, a test to learn, but also test finished graduate school, graduate students and advanced stages loss of precious young life, you will see the best paint world including Chinese painting done, both artists drawn between the ages of 20-30 years old, there are some exceptions. After that there will be good works, but the author certainly before the draw of the 21-year-old, when most of his important works.

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