Monday, November 26, 2012

About oil painting reproductions

In a common sense,the oil painting reproductions can be divided into three catogeries:figure painting,landscape painting and silent painting.

Communicators: How about painting figures, plus the actual portrait painting of a single standard, which factors are most important?


ChenDanQing: I just saw the end of the Museum of Fine Arts Exhibition of students, and now look at the exhibition there will be plenty of people around, almost became a social event. Hard for me to tell you to see what the painting exhibition attracted me, if I had been a little better, when it is not, that is, he went abroad to visit the Museum of Fine Arts, which was the only one. I think a good paint that will hook past, I've been on a showroom floor to ceiling are painted the paintings of Vermeer, Velázquez painting, first entered the room orientation does not understand, in fact, that painting has its attention , something very strange, but the paint is in effect do not play a role. This is wonderful paintings next to "no". Like to see a group of people, the crowd inside the two faces you see first, is not particularly fast in his eyes, but he really characteristic. A person to see things when a large number of symbols recalled. For only exposure I'd say that in so many middle managers suddenly hook can make even the paint. But how can you do it, I do not know too many factors are. Also, the colors, techniques, is also the reason, but the main reason is unable to explain. Seen Mei Lanfang singing people say, as long as they could not carry out, it is good. The piece I sang a lot of people did not sing, worse than him, even beyond it, but to hear the old man said Xianqi around, what I say is this meaning.
Danqing: If you read the new edition of "New York Suo Ji", against the recent Canadian preamble says it is probably 2007 or 2006, I forget and I know how difficult, three children and his wife should be raised, and basically galleries bring benefits, but I know it still needs paint. I wrote this article in 1997, in 2006, was in the range of nine years already. We are in the subway, I immediately called "Chen", for nine years the voice was not heard knew, I knew immediately it was him, so I immediately embrace. "Chen, you are exactly where I was in New York no longer friends." Realism painting little classic, as it did in New York. American painters who were acting on their own, unlike many agencies, so they also stay in the area that I live for a good home. So we are in the metro, hand painting actually took, as it looked when I met a few meters away there let's call supported. Later, I read that Van Gogh is well, they call it a day in the field, repaint, Pissarro by that place, met him on the road immediately paintings leaning against the tree for him. Every instinct of the painter's this --- you take a look at my recent paintings, he is well. In China there is such a painter, in particular, has become a famous painter. I and his recovery, I went to his house to see him, his progress paintings, religious paintings still important for the church painted.

Communicators: there is a problem, the New York Suo Ji wrote a character named Orr, an oil painter, I particularly deep impression of the unconscious in bed I think of him, I wonder if you've seen it later? His subsequent fate of his paintings is what? Are you searching for oil paintings for sale or oil painting for sale?Especially looking for art paintings for sale?

Their children grew up, I remember the last time in the United States to see his newborn son, now a 17 year old, a pretty girl, between the United States and the mystery of the child's hair shaved. The eldest son is a soldier ...... my little this year 47 years old, we know exactly three decades.
Communicators: You just said, see a good painting, and more is on the emotional level of judgment, will be directly attracted in the past. But theoretically speaking from my learning to make a more objective judgment, for a work of art, not just rely on the emotional level. I'll have to put it in the context of art history, to compare and make value judgments. Sorry, the two methods have a contradiction trial, how to coordinate?
Danqing: The first step in my approach is to rely on the senses, to see my paintings to attract even going to ask why I'm attracted to, but I have been attracted. The second step if there is a chance that you get to know the background of the work, for example, Van Gogh painting my teens we see today, to see it is still at the level of the sensory feeling wonderful, with a start to see when. What I have been long time to understand the process, to make a long story short, I hope you do not believe in art history books, and almost did not read the history of art, read a word we all remember. Books theory does not help me to be an artist, our country can not see the original, even the very limited original Chinese painting. This started after I went abroad, East see the look in the West, and then more and more slowly, he realized that the message behind a picture to understand. I keep reading, but not unconditionally believe the books.

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