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Communicators: When you learn more about the message behind a work after printing intuitive and do not differ from it?
Danqing: if it is a truly great work and outside too large, long I see a lot of images, suddenly and then watch as it was the first time I saw him, at the same time as the first time I saw Shihai better, of course, there is also a prerequisite before you want to see a lot of work from this artist, as well as his contemporaries, before and after the works of other artists will help you appreciate the work of this Reference artist.
Communicators: Western easel painting is no longer in the position of the edge?
Communicators: When the Road New York early as this, but also realistic painting so interested?
ChenDanQing: First, I do not like rushing lively. When a set of values ​​to be recognized by society as a whole that normally would a little reverse psychology. If I was born in this day and age, it is assumed that after ninety years, that can not be oil painting, contemporary art, as so many people currently do not. So many people say solemnly, that is a target, I suspect. When I went to New York, where the situation is much more than this multi-hybrid hair not only see a lot of new art, I also see a lot of art very, very old, including the art of China, thousands of years ago. I had concerns art, like Europe and the Soviet Union since the 19th century until the 20th century is a bit limited, when New York, all out so you can view all open horizons, I am grateful for that process. This allows us to find our place and our limitations.
Communicators: hit the paint homes through a learning period, and my heart is particularly uncomfortable, I can not draw, and my heart does not feel comfortable, I feel more and more confused.
Communicators VI: Then do not draw! Chen You should try to bring a lot of people do not repaint.
ChenDanQing: Why?
Communicators VI: We can not.
ChenDanQing: I also can not, ah, the same.
Communicators VI: so many people to paint, this problem, as you soon to Tibet painted a lot of sketches, drafts, and finally finished the job, and then abroad.
ChenDanQing: How old are you?
Six Communicators: I 2082.
ChenDanQing: This year, three years old, why not?
Communicators six: a lot of people really do not want to waste time over this, because I was going alone, so I know that it alone especially special bitter. I estimate wage doing a lot of painting.
ChenDanQing: I am very encouraged these cases, what can be done with a lot of people kind of look down! Little crazy fewer moles.
Communicators VI: an exhibition that I have seen, I have found that it has completed the Tibet of paintings to the United States in the state of a loss, I would guess also recognized abroad?
ChenDanQing: not because I'm famous early if a child of four or five years old, no one knows, everyone ignored him, but he has to, it will be very painful. I have seen many of these people unappreciated, are unknown or have always denied, this is a very painful situation. And I was very lucky our generation, the Cultural Revolution, which is famous for very easy, are just an art magazine, as long as you are in this magazine, immediately people next day, everything I know. Not that the old experts have been affected, imagine? This ChenDanQing case, Yang Feiyun all "hit". I have left you, that drew the comparison a bit better soon became known, that time can not be copied. I do not know how many art magazines in the country now, even if you do the cover, and dozens cover, you see a good? I sympathize with the youth of today, I believe that an artist does not want to be recognized or want to become famous, not bad.
Questioner: We paint technology to further increase, the painting is more like painting some.
ChenDanQing: "Painting is more like painting sentence was right, not right. What is art like painting? I think when the painting does not quite look like the paint is specific to a range This range is more or less the entire 19th century Renaissance painted oil painting of the Chinese today in terms of the clauses are not too think the painting of that period. Yet Americans also suffer this problem, learning to paint again Europe, so there will be abstract art, abstract expressionism, minimalism, pop art, laying down standards of aesthetic opposition before, so I place more difficult to return to China, on the one hand, my own painting traditional realistic painting, on the other hand I do not want to see so many young people still paint my pictures, I have been saying that this is an electronic era
The painting is a way too old, young people should take advantage of this new medium to express our feelings and painted with the situation in China today to express also too slow and imprecise.

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